While we are an exclusive dealer of Husqvarna-Viking sergers/sewing machines, we offer tune ups and repairs to all makes of sewing machines and sergers by our factory-trained technicians.

Scissor sharpening - for dressmakers' scissors and pinking shears is available from April to October.

TIPS for keeping your sewing equipment in good working order

The number one tip from our mechanic is to change your needle often. He says, after every 8 hours of sewing or every two garments, put in a new needle. This one thing will improve the performance of your machine immensely. Remember also that unless your machine has a side loading bobbin, the needle goes in with the flat side to the back. Check that the screw is loose enough to allow the needle to go all the way up. Needles that are not inserted properly will result in no stitch or a stitch with poor tension.

Do make it a habit to thoroughly clean your machine after each big project. This is especially good advice if you are sewing with fabrics that shed a lot of lint - quilt batting, fleece, knits and pile fabrics. The best way to remove lint is with the vacuum cleaner. If you don't have a thin nozzle on your vacuum you can purchase a Mini Vacuum attachment kit to fit any model of vacuum and then you can clean out your sewing machine, your computer and other small machinery.

Oiling your machine should only be done with machine oil and according to the machine manual. Leave internal lubrication up to the technician.

Do use good quality sewing thread. Inexpensive 4 /$1.00 threads are alternately thick and thin and produce a lot of lint as they run through your tension discs. This throws off your tension and you will have uneven stitches and thread breakage. Your projects hang by a thread - so make it a good one! Gutermann polyester all purpose thread works well for most projects. If you are piecing a quilt made of 100% cotton fabric then a WonderFil cotton thread would be a good choice. Ask us for advice if you are not sure which kind of thread to use.

Having your sewing equipment tuned up regularly by a trained technician is a wise investment in your machines and in your enjoyment of sewing.